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Trillium Brewing Company

Trillium Brewing Company opened in March 2013 with the support of family, friends, community, and three employees. That small brewery has since developed into an exciting venue of collaboration and creativity. Trillium is grounded in the concept of a New England farmhouse brewery, using local ingredients whenever possible. From our wild ales, fermented with our native New England mixed microbe culture, to our more hop-forward offerings, we aim to produce beer that is both approachable and engaging. Read More

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Craft Beer Reviews

Scaled Up

American Double IPA  •  Trillium Brewing Company

Scaled Up is an American Double IPA brewed by Trillium Brewing Company in the New England style and the result is an absolute juice bomb. Read More

Craft Beer Reviews

PM Dawn

American Imperial Stout  •  Trillium Brewing Company

PM Dawn is an American Imperial Stout by Trillium Brewing Co. that has a supremely rich, malty feel of dark chocolate balanced by cold-brewed coffee roast. Read More

Craft Beer Reviews

Fort Point

American Pale Ale  •  Trillium Brewing Company

Fort Point, an American Pale Ale by Trillium Brewing Company delights with a hazy appearance and its big juicy hop flavor without the bite of an IPA. Read More