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Belhaven Scottish Ale

Scottish Ale  •  Belhaven Brewery Company Ltd.

Belhaven Scottish Ale is brewed in the Scottish Export style by Belhaven Brewery Company Ltd. and blends biscuit, toffee, earthy hops, and lemon. Read More

Craft Beer Reviews

Punk IPA

American IPA  •  BrewDog

Punk IPA is an American-style IPA by BrewDog that blends citrus, tropical fruit, caramel, and a bready malt base. Read More

Scottish Ale

Scottish Ales (also known as Scotch Ales) are often enjoyed during the winter. Their flavors are rich and malty with sweet notes of caramel and toffee. Historically, the Scottish Ale encompasses the four sub-styles Scottish Light, Scottish Heavy, Scottish Export, and Wee Heavy. Their names were indicative of the beer’s gravity and its expected cost for a barrel of beer. Similar character to a Wee Heavy, but much smaller. Read More

Wee Heavy

Also known as a strong Scotch Ale, the Wee Heavy beer style is rich in its malt character and is usually sweet with a taste of caramel. In fact, its sweetness is similar to a dessert beer. The beer is similar to the English Barleywine with its added complexity of malt and alcohol flavors. Related to other Scottish ales, the Wee Heavy’s origin dates back to the 18th century. Somewhat similar to an English Barleywine. Read More