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Craft Beer Reviews

Blanche De Chambly

Witbier  •  Unibroue

Blanche De Chambly, a Belgian-style Witbier by Unibroue blends tangy citrus, fruity banana, and spices in a creamy wheat base. Read More

Craft Beer Reviews

Lune De Miel

Belgian Strong Pale Ale  •  Unibroue

Lune De Miel, a Belgian-style Strong Pale Ale by Unibroue is dry and lively with a complex palate of fruit, yeast, hops, and grain. Read More

Craft Beer Reviews

La Résolution

Belgian Strong Dark Ale  •  Unibroue

La Résolution, a Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale brewed by Unibroue blends dark fruits and caramel with spices and booze. Read More