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Bar Faces Backlash for Corona Beer Specials Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

A bar in New Zealand upset a number of people online with its advertisements for Corona beer specials amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China. Read More

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Saison  •  The BrueryGarage Project

Ngongo is a Belgian-style Saison collaboratively brewed by The Bruery and Garage Project that’s delightfully refreshing and complex with earthy, sweet, and tart flavors. Read More

Craft Beer Reviews

C4 Double Coffee Brown Ale

American Brown Ale  •  8 Wired Brewing Co.

C4 Double Coffee Brown Ale is an American-style Brown Ale by 8 Wired Brewing Co. that delivers heaps of coffee roast, balanced by dark fruit. Read More

Craft Beer Reviews

Campout Porter

American Porter  •  Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.Garage Project

Campout Porter is an American Porter by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Garage Project that wonderfully balances flavors roast and sweet. Read More