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Santa Fe Brewing Co.

Santa Fe Brewing Co. is New Mexico’s original craft brewery; bringing the spirit of the southwest to drinkers near and far. In 1988, three cowboys with some used equipment, a high tolerance for risk, and a dream to make something that tasted more like beer than water started the brewery with their first pale ale. Santa Fe Brewing Co. has been crafting, canning, and conducting general experiments with malt, barley, hops, and water ever since. Read More


Route 66 Junkyard Brewery

The Route 66 Junkyard Brewery is the hottest, new brewery in Western New Mexico! Serving cold brews and providing great service and entertainment! This Junkyard Themed Brewery is one of a kind. Read More


Colfax Ale Cellar

A quest for brewing quality “fast” and “slow” beers led our founder, Jim Stearns, to open his own brewery, the Colfax Ale Cellar, in Raton, New Mexico. His four-year long search for the right property led us to Northeastern New Mexico. They purchased a historic building, originally the Dwyer Building, built in 1908. With 7,000 sq. ft. of cellar space, they plan to fill it with a variety of styles. Come sample our craft beer in our cozy taproom in Raton! Read More


Bosque Brewing Co.

Companies that craft artisanal products are often motivated by producing an excellent product. The pursuit of world-class beer is a given for Bosque Brewing Co., but for our thirsty patrons, the beer is only as good as the experience that accompanies it. People are fueled by experiences and we are about people. Read More


Abbey Brewing Company

Abbey Brewing Company, on the grounds of and affiliated with the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert, continues the 1300-year tradition of monastic brewing and crafting fine beers that are made with “care and prayer.” Our dedication to quality comes from St. Benedict’s 6th-century document “Rule of Saint Benedict”. It instructs each monk to bring all good works to perfection for the glory of God (Prologue:4).
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Baby Giraffe

Session IPA  •  Civil Society Brewing Co.Marble Brewery

Baby Giraffe is a Session IPA collaboratively brewed by Civil Society Brewing Co. and Marble Brewery that blends dank resin and citrus with tropical fruit and doughy bread. Read More