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The German Doppelbock was first introduced by monks at St. Francis of Paula and its name “Doppel (double) Bock” was given by the beer drinkers in Munich. Its color ranges from a deep gold to dark brown with good clarity. Nearly full to full bodied, the style has medium-light to medium carbonation with little to no alcohol warmth. Rich and malty aroma and palate has a toasted to browned character but not roasted. Some dark fruit may be present with little to no hops. The Doppelbock is stronger and fuller than a Dunkles Bock or a Helles Bock. Read More


The German Eisbock is a strong, full-bodied, rich, and malty dark lager with a viscous quality and strong flavors. Its alcohol should be smooth and warming. Read More

Berliner Weisse

In 1809, Napoleon’s troops described the Berliner Weisse as the “Champagne of the North”. Today, some call it the most refreshing beer in the world. It’s light, crisp, highly carbonated with a juicy acidity. Dry finish. Pale straw color with varying clarity. Large head has little retention. Sharp and clean lactic sour aroma and flavor. Lemon citrus and apple are commonly used but modern craft versions use a wide variety of fruits. Mild doughy bread or wheat grain base. Low alcohol is undetectable. Read More


The Altbier is a well-balanced, well-attenuated, bitter yet malty, clean, and smooth, copper-colored German beer. Malt intensity and character can range from moderate to high. Read More