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M.I.A. Beer Company

Founded in 2013, M.I.A. Beer Company is a craft brewery and taproom located in Doral, Florida. Our team is passionate about the quality of our beers. While many of our beers are inspired by traditional recipes, we pride ourselves on continually crafting new formulas and incorporating exotic and locally sourced ingredients. We are known for our vibrant designs and vast portfolio of unique brews infused with Miami’s rich culture. Read More



Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co.

Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. is a neighborhood craft brewery in the heart of Miami! Pouring daily! Drinking at our brewery is like sticking your head in the freezer after having been out all day in the Miami summer. Exactly like that, but with delicious beer, live music, awesome events, and great service. Escape the humidity by drinking some local beer in a lounge setting. Our craft micro beers are brewed specifically with Florida heat in mind. Read More


Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery

Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery is a unique craft beer company. All batches are created in small amounts to ensure that all the quality and taste is as close to the original grandfathered recipe as possible. We brew to please the palate. Unlike others who brew in a rush to make a quick dollar we prefer to make small batches with superb quality, aroma and taste. Our motto is simple: “If it isn’t done right, then why do it.” Read More


J. Wakefield Brewing

First opened in 2015, J. Wakefield Brewing is Wynwood’s only independently-owned craft brewery and tap room. Located in the heart of Miami’s art district, J. Wakefield Brewing makes quality beers that don’t always fit the norm. J. Wakefield crafts traditional styles while utilizing local and occasionally unexpected ingredients as well as flavor-enhancing techniques like barrel-aging, to give these styles a unique twist. Read More


Concrete Beach Brewery

Concrete Beach Brewery unites communities with a common love of traditions. With an artistic array of classically brewed ales and lagers, we work hard to ensure that every pint conveys our passion and that our beer complements any occasion. At Concrete Beach we invite you to join our familia and celebrate our collective heritage. Read More


Biscayne Bay Brewing Company

Founded in 2012 and opened in 2014, Biscayne Bay Brewing Company has proudly enjoyed serving its beers to thousands of patrons at over 250 locations in South Florida. Biscayne Bay Brewing Company was born to serve the Greater Miami community the finest Ales and Lagers, made with the highest quality ingredients and the waters of the Biscayne Aquifer. Read More


Beat Culture Brewery & Kitchen

Beat Culture Brewery & Kitchen is a locally-owned and sourced, small batch craft brewery that seeks to redefine a one-of-a-kind experience by focusing on “all things fermentable” and creative seasonal food all in a comfortable environment. In our brewhouse, we craft traditional beer styles ranging from hoppy, fruity, barrel-aged creations, and addition to honey wine. While in our kitchen, we create breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings resulting from a fusion of local cultures. Read More


Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen

Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen is located in Coral Gables in South Florida. The brewery isn’t open yet but is expected to open its doors to the public on April 1st. Read More


The Abbey Brewing Company

The Abbey Brewing Company opened its doors for the first time on Miami Beach in late June, 1995. The brewery features a cozy intimate atmosphere equipped with award winning beer recipes. The full bodied beer recipes are tapped into the local market of down-to-earth intelligent people who were looking for a small intimate place to chill and have a philosophical conversation over a delicious hand crafted beer. Read More

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