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St. Bernardus Tripel

Tripel  •  Brouwerij St. Bernardus NV

St. Bernardus Tripel is a Belgian Tripel brewed by Brouwerij St. Bernardus NV that blends fruity esters, spicy phenols, and bready malt. Read More


Craft Beer Reviews

Overview of the Bière de Garde Beer Style

Bière de Garde is French for beer that has been “kept” or “guarded”. Bière de Garde is a Belgian beer variation of the Farmhouse Ale style that originated in Northern France. It was traditionally brewed at winter’s end and kept in cool cellars to be consumed during the warmer months. Sometimes known as the Bière de Mars, the beer was historically brewed in March. The Bière de Garde ranges in color from golden blond to dark brown, depending on the particular malts that are being used. It’s generally maltier and richer in character than a Saison with earthy, cellar-like aromas and flavors. The finish is generally dry. The beer is often bottle-conditioned, making the Bière de Garde a versatile and delicious beer to pair with cheese. Read More

Overview for the Quadrupel Beer Style

The Belgian Quadrupel or simply Quad is a name given to the strongest of the Trappist and Abbey ales. La Trappe pioneered the Quad while a nearly identical brew, the Abt, was crafted by Westvleteren and that beer would become St. Bernardus. Its color ranges from a garnet to brown and its aroma and palate are rich with sweet malt, fruity esters, and moderately spicy phenols. Its bitterness is typically mild at best and instead, the focus is on its malt character and strong alcohol. Comparatively, the Quadrupel is stronger and more intensely flavored than the Dubbel and Tripel. Read More