English Brown Ale in a Nonic Pint Glass

English Brown Ale

The English Brown Ale has been around for some time and even the modern bottled product has been around since the 20th century. Its color ranges from burgundy to brown. It should have a body that’s around medium or a little below and carbonation at moderate or a shade above. It has a light malt sweetness with flavors of nut, toast, biscuit, toffee or chocolate. Floral or earthy hops flavors are low to none and moderate fruity esters may be present. It has sessionable to moderate alcohol strength. The English Brown Ale has more malty flavor than the Bitter, is stronger than the Mild, and has less roast character than the Porter.

Style Expectations

The English Brown Ale is a malty, brown caramel-centric British brew that lacks the roasted flavors of the English Porter.


It pours a dark amber to dark reddish-brown color. It’s clear with a low to moderate off-white to light tan head.


The English Brown Ale has a light, sweet malt aroma with toffee, nutty, or light chocolate notes, and a light to heavy caramel quality. A light but appealing floral or earthy hop aroma may also be noticed. A light fruity aroma may be evident, but should not dominate.


Gentle to moderate malt sweetness, with a light to heavy caramel character and a medium to dry finish. Malt may also have a nutty, toasted, biscuity, toffee, or light chocolate character. Medium to medium-low bitterness. Malt-hop balance ranges from even to malt-focused; hop flavor low to none (floral or earthy qualities). Low to moderate fruity esters can be present.


Medium-light to medium body. Medium to medium-high carbonation.


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