Overview for the Gose

The Gose (pronounced GOH-zeh) style originated during the Middle Ages in the town of Goslar. Production declined following the Second World War but has been revived during the modern craft beer era. Its appearance is hazy with a medium gold color. Puffy white head with excellent retention. Visibly effervescent. Its feel should have a medium body with high carbonation. Being dry and salty lends a mouthwatering quality. Its aroma and palate have a light sourness with noticeable amounts of salt and coriander. Bitterness is all but absent with no hop flavor. Its saltiness should be used with restraint. And its sourness shouldn’t be as intense as found in a Berliner Weisse or a Gueuze.

Style Expectations

A highly-carbonated, tart and fruity wheat ale with a restrained coriander and salt character and low bitterness. Very refreshing, with bright flavors and high attenuation.


Unfiltered, with a moderate to full haze. Moderate to tall sized white head with tight bubbles and good retention. Effervescent. Medium yellow color.


Light to moderately fruity aroma of pome fruit. Light sourness, slightly sharp. Noticeable coriander, which can have an aromatic lemony quality, and an intensity up to moderate. Light bready, doughy, yeasty character like uncooked sourdough bread. The acidity and coriander can give a bright, lively impression. The salt may be perceived as a very light, clean sea breeze character or just a general freshness, if noticeable at all.


Moderate to restrained but noticeable sourness, like a squeeze of lemon in iced tea. Moderate bready/doughy malt flavor. Light to moderate fruity character of pome fruit, stone fruit, or lemons. Light to moderate salt character, up to the threshold of taste; the salt should be noticeable (particularly in the initial taste) but not taste overtly salty. Low bitterness, no hop flavor. Dry, fully-attenuated finish, with acidity not hops balancing the malt. Acidity can be more noticeable in the finish, and enhance the refreshing quality of the beer. The acidity should be balanced, not forward (although historical versions could be very sour).


High to very high carbonation, effervescent. Medium-light to medium-full body. Salt may give a slightly tingly, mouthwatering quality, if perceived at all. The yeast and wheat can give it a little body, but it shouldn’t have a heavy feel.


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