Overview for the Foriegn Export Stout

The Export Stout is also known as a Foreign Stout. Historically, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Export Stout was heavily hopped to give the brew a longer shelf life for destinations in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Today, the Extra Stout is a very dark brew with moderate alcohol strength. It’s fairly dry with a pronounced roast palate.

Style Expectations

A very dark, moderately strong, fairly dry, stout with prominent roast flavors.


Very deep brown to black in color. Clarity usually obscured by deep color (if not opaque, should be clear). Large tan to brown head with good retention.


Moderate to high roasted grain aromas, often with coffee, chocolate and/or lightly burnt notes. Low to medium fruitiness. May have a sweet aroma, or molasses, licorice, dried fruit, and/or vinous aromatics. Stronger versions can have a subtle, clean aroma of alcohol. Hop aroma moderately low to none, can be earthy, herbal or floral. Diacetyl low to none.


Moderate to high roasted grain and malt flavor with a coffee, chocolate, or lightly burnt grain character, although without a sharp bite. Moderately dry. Low to medium esters. Medium to high bitterness. Moderate to no hop flavor, can be earthy, herbal, or floral. Diacetyl medium-low to none.


Medium-full to full body, often with a smooth, sometimes creamy character. May give a warming (but never hot) impression from alcohol presence. Moderate to moderately-high carbonation.


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Export Stout  •  Guinness Ltd.

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