Overview for the Dubbel

The Belgian Dubbel was originally produced in monasteries during the Middle Ages and revived during the 19th century. Its color ranges from deep copper to amber. Complex malt palate with dried fruits, light spices, sugars, and light hops. Smooth medium-full body and moderately-high carbonation. Moderate alcohol strength that could be slightly warming.

Style Expectations

A deep reddish-copper, moderately strong, malty, complex Trappist ale with rich malty flavors, dark or dried fruit esters, and light alcohol blended together in a malty presentation that still finishes fairly dry.


Dark amber to copper in color, with an attractive reddish depth of color. Generally clear. Large, dense, and long-lasting creamy off-white head.


Complex, rich-sweet malty aroma, possibly with hints of chocolate, caramel and/or toast (but never roasted or burnt aromas). Moderate fruity esters (usually including raisins and plums, sometimes also dried cherries). Esters sometimes include banana or apple. Spicy phenols and higher alcohols are common (may include light clove and spice, peppery, rose-like and/or perfumy notes). Spicy qualities can be moderate to very low. Alcohol, if present, is soft and never hot or solventy. Low to no spicy, herbal, or floral hop aroma, typically absent. The malt is most prominent in the balance with esters and a touch of alcohol in support, blending together for a harmonious presentation.


Similar qualities as aroma. Rich, complex medium to medium-full rich-sweet malt flavor on the palate yet finishes moderately dry. Complex malt, ester, alcohol and phenol interplay (raisiny flavors are common; dried fruit flavors are welcome; clove or pepper spiciness is optional). Balance is always toward the malt. Medium-low bitterness that doesn’t persist into the aftertaste. Low spicy, floral, or herbal hop flavor is optional and not usually present.


Medium-full body. Medium-high carbonation, which can influence the perception of body. Low alcohol warmth. Smooth, never hot or solventy.


Chimay Première (Red / Rouge) Ale

Dubbel  •  Bières de Chimay

Chimay Première Red Ale is a Belgian Dubbel brewed by Bières de Chimay that balances subtle floral hops, pepper and clove spices along with stone and dark fruits. Read More

Abbey Belgian Style Dubbel

Dubbel  •  New Belgium Brewing Company

Abbey Belgian Style Dubbel is a Belgian-style Dubbel by New Belgium Brewing Company that’s delightfully complex with earthy, sweet, and spicy flavors. Read More

St. Bernardus Pater 6

Dubbel  •  Brouwerij St. Bernardus NV

St. Bernardus Pater 6 is a Dubbel by Brouwerij St. Bernardus NV that beautifully blends dark fruit, spices, nut, and floral hops. Read More


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