Overview for the Belgian Pale Ale

The Belgian Pale Ale style is also known as the Belgian Blond Ale and its a relatively new style when compared to the history of Belgian brewing. The style was introduced as an alternative to consumers seeking lighter European Pilsner-style beers. Its color is pale to deep gold with good clarity. Its feel is effervescent with medium-high to high carbonation and a medium body that might be slightly creamy. Its alcohol strength is moderate and can lend a slight warmth to the feel. Should have a mildly dry finish. The aroma can consist of grainy sweet malt, a subtle yeast character, and light hops that can be earthy or spicy. The palate follows the nose and can add spicy phenols and a sugar or honey sweetness.

Style Expectations

A moderately malty, somewhat fruity, easy-drinking, copper-colored Belgian ale that is somewhat less aggressive in flavor profile than many other Belgian beers. The malt character tends to be a bit biscuity with light toasty, honey-like, or caramelly components; the fruit character is noticeable and complementary to the malt. The bitterness level is generally moderate, but may not seem as high due to the flavorful malt profile.


Amber to copper in color. Clarity is very good. Creamy, rocky, white head often fades more quickly than other Belgian beers.


Moderate malt aroma, which can be a combination of toasty, biscuity, or nutty, possibly with a touch of light caramel or honey. Moderate to moderately high fruitiness with an orange- or pear-like character. Low to moderate strength hop character (spicy, herbal, or floral) optionally blended with background level peppery, spicy phenols. The hop character is lower in balance than the malt and fruitiness.


Has an initial soft, smooth, moderately malty flavor with a variable profile of toasty, biscuity, nutty, light caramel and/or honey notes. Moderate to moderately high fruitiness, sometimes orange- or pear-like. Relatively light (medium-low to low) spicy, herbal, or floral hop character. The hop bitterness is medium-high to medium-low, and is optionally enhanced by low to very low amounts of peppery phenols. There is a dry to balanced finish, with hops becoming more pronounced in the aftertaste of those with a drier finish. Fairly well balanced overall, with no single component being high in intensity; malt and fruitiness are more forward initially with a supportive bitterness and drying character coming on late.


Medium to medium-light body. Smooth palate. Alcohol level is restrained, and any warming character should be low if present. Medium to medium-high carbonation.


Dorée (Chimay Gold)

Belgian Pale Ale  •  Bières de Chimay

Dorée is a Belgian Pale Ale brewed by Bières de Chimay that’s light and refreshing with mildly bitter hops, fruity esters, and doughy bread. Read More

Monk de Soleil

Belgian Pale Ale  •  Barrel of Monks Brewing & 7venth Sun Brewery

Monk de Soleil Belgian-style Pale Ale by Barrel of Monks Brewing and 7venth Sun Brewery brilliantly mixes fruit, yeast in this highly carbonated brew. Read More

Trader Joe’s Sour Framboise

Belgian Pale Ale  •  De Brabandere

Trader Joe’s Sour Framboise is a Belgian Pale Ale by De Brabandere (under the Petrus label) that mixes beer styles and various tart fruit flavors. Read More

Golden State Ale

Belgian Pale Ale  •  Uncommon Brewers

Golden State Ale is a Belgian-style Pale Ale by Uncommon Brewers that blends floral hops and poppy seeds with candied fruit and bready malt. Read More


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