Overview for the American Lager

The American Lager is light in color and feel. It should have high carbonation and served very cold to be as refreshing as possible. Its palate is neutral with a mild bitterness. Historically, the few breweries that survived Prohibition popularized the style with heavy distribution and promotion to a very broad national audience.

Style Expectations

A very pale, highly-carbonated, light-bodied, well-attenuated lager with a very neutral flavor profile and low bitterness. Served very cold, it can be a very refreshing and thirst quenching drink.


Very pale straw to medium yellow color. White, frothy head seldom persists. Very clear.


Low to no malt aroma, although it can be perceived as grainy, sweet or corn-like if present. Hop aroma may range from none to a light, spicy or floral hop presence. While a clean fermentation character is desirable, a light amount of yeast character (particularly a light apple character) is not a fault. Light DMS is also not a fault.


Relatively neutral palate with a crisp and dry finish and a moderately-low to low grainy or corn-like flavor that might be perceived as sweetness due to the low bitterness. Hop flavor ranges from none to moderately-low levels, and can have a floral, spicy, or herbal quality (although often not strong enough to distinguish). Hop bitterness at low to medium-low level. Balance may vary from slightly malty to slightly bitter, but is relatively close to even. High levels of carbonation may accentuate the crispness of the dry finish. Clean lager fermentation character.


Low to medium-low body. Very highly carbonated with slight carbonic bite on the tongue.


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