Overview for the American Blonde Ale

The American Blonde Ale is often the least complicated style offered by a brewery. As such, it’s easy to drink and approachable. It’s a refreshing brew with a clean palate that lacks any harsh or challenging flavors. It’s a preferred offering by many smaller breweries that don’t produce lagers.

Style Expectations

Easy-drinking, approachable, malt-oriented American craft beer, often with interesting fruit, hop, or character malt notes. Well-balanced and clean, is a refreshing pint without aggressive flavors.


Light yellow to deep gold in color. Clear to brilliant. Low to medium white head with fair to good retention.


Light to moderate sweet malty aroma, possibly with a light bready or caramelly note. Low to moderate fruitiness is optional, but acceptable. May have a low to medium hop aroma, and can reflect almost any hop variety although citrusy, floral, fruity, and spicy notes are common.


Initial soft malty sweetness, but optionally some light character malt flavor (e.g., bread, toast, biscuit, wheat) can also be present. Caramel flavors typically absent; if present, they are typically low-color caramel notes. Low to medium fruity esters optional, but are welcome. Light to moderate hop flavor (any variety), but shouldn\'t be overly aggressive. Medium-low to medium bitterness, but the balance is normally towards the malt or even between malt and hops. Finishes medium-dry to slightly malty-sweet; impression of sweetness is often an expression of lower bitterness than actual residual sweetness.


Medium-light to medium body. Medium to high carbonation. Smooth without being heavy.


Easy Sport

American Blonde Ale  •  Boulevard Brewing Co.

Easy Sport is an American Blonde Ale by Boulevard Brewing Co. that blends honey malt flavor and citrus in a lo-cal, lo-carb package. Read More

Big Wave Golden Ale

American Blonde Ale  •  Kona Brewing Co.

Big Wave Golden Ale is an American Blonde Ale by Kona Brewing Co. that refreshingingly blends light malt, mild hops, and a touch of honey. Read More

La Rubia

American Blonde Ale  •  Wynwood Brewing Company

La Rubia is an American Blonde Ale by Wynwood Brewing Company whose easy-drinking palate blends mild floral hops and bready malt. Read More

Tropic Pressure

American Blonde Ale  •  Big Storm Brewing Co.

Tropic Pressure is an American Blonde Ale by Big Storm Brewing Co. that blends lightly baked bread, floral hops, hibiscus, and honey. Read More

Summer Love Ale

American Blonde Ale  •  Victory Brewing Company

Summer Love Ale is an American Blonde Ale by Victory Brewing Company that blends citrus, floral, and peppery hops with cracker malt. Read More

Cold Brew 2.0

American Blonde Ale  •  Rogue Ales

Cold Brew 2.0 is an American Blonde Ale brewed by Rogue Ales that blends mild coffee and floral hops backed by toasted bread and chocolate. Read More

Passion Pit

American Blonde Ale  •  SaltWater Brewery

Passion Pit is an American Blonde Ale by SaltWater Brewery that’s light and refreshing with doughy bread, a squeeze of citrus, and tangy passion fruit. Read More


American Blonde Ale  •  SaltWater Brewery

LocAle is an American Blonde Ale by SaltWater Brewery that’s light and refreshing with doughy bread malt and tart lemon juice. Read More

Lonely Blonde

American Blonde Ale  •  Fulton Beer

Lonely Blonde is an American Blonde Ale by Fulton Beer that blends honey and wheat with peppery hops and tangy citrus. Read More

Or Xata

American Blonde Ale  •  The Bruery

Or Xata is an American Blonde Ale brewed by The Bruery that sweetly blends vanilla bean, lactose, cinnamon, and rice. Read More


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