The Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA is an American Double IPA by Stone Brewing that blends tropical fruit with extra hops and booze.

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The Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA is an American Double IPA that’s brewed by Stone Brewing. For the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in an IPA glass from a 12 oz. can.

Packaging art for the Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA by Stone Brewing

Packaging art for the Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA by Stone Brewing

What You Need to Know

The Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA is a follow-up to their acclaimed Vengeful Spirit IPA that was released in the summer of 2017. This year’s Double IPA version features more hops, more fruit, and more booze. Whole mandarin oranges were used to give the beer a complete citrus character. So how was it? Let’s get to the review.


The DIPA pours a deep golden hue with murky — nearly opaque — clarity that shows fine sediment adrift in the glass. The ale is topped by a generous cap of rocky, bone-white foam that shows modest retention. The head’s reduction leaves behind gobs of sticky lace on the glass.

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The aroma is delightful with a strong scent of sweet pineapple, and to a lesser extent, guava and papaya.


A tangy and bitter note of mandarin orange leads the palate that turns yeasty through the middle. A bite of floral and citrus hops punches the finish. A light taste of booze mixes in with the hops and then the tasting mellows with sweet pineapple juice.

Label art for the Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA by Stone Brewing

Label art for the Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA by Stone Brewing


Its feel has a relatively smooth draw that becomes somewhat chalky through the middle and slightly oily and acidic on the back end. Its astringency is modest and its finish is somewhat drying with a mild warmth from the alcohol. The DIPA has a body that’s just over medium with moderate carbonation.


Although it wasn’t categorized as such, the Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA seems very much like a New England style brew. The appearance of the DIPA is solid and the fruitiness of its aroma flavor are certainly enjoyable. The hoppy bite and alcohol nearly overwhelm the rest of the palate but otherwise, the tropical fruit still shines. The only disappointing part is a muddied middle of a grainy base that hardly complements the rest of the brew. Overall, this brew isn’t cheap but there’s enough fruity flavor in the Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA that could make it worth a try.

Recommended Pairings

Stone Brewing recommends the following food pairings with their Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA: appetizers of Egg Rolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Steamed Buns, Avocado Toast, Pad Thai, Papaya Green Salad, Waldorf Salad, Sopa de lima, Greek Lemon Chicken Soup; entrees of Grilled Salmon, Korean Barbecue, Chirashi, Teriyaki Skewers; Desserts of Orange Glazed Cinnamon Roll, Pineapple Dipped in White Chocolate, German Chocolate Cake, and an Almond Cookie.

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