Praga Premium Pils, a Czech Pilsener by První Budějovický Pivovar Samson

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Praga Premium Pils is a Czech Pilsner brewed by První Budějovický Pivovar Samson, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the lager was served in a pilsener glass from a bottle.


The lager pours a crystal-clear gold and is topped by an inch-thick cap of puffy white foam that persists briefly. A thin collar and fine surface layer remain behind. Patches of residue cling to the sides of the glass during consumption.


Its aroma is dank with a scent of wet grass, herb, and cooked vegetables.

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The palate begins with a taste of cracker malt and mild grassy hops. Light taste of veggies spiced with peppery hops lingers through the finish. A note of honey flashes on the swallow.


Its feel is relatively smooth and lively with a light body and moderately-high carbonation. Finishes slightly dry and astringent.


Its feel is nice but its appearance could be better. The aroma and palate are mostly fine but its vegetal character could be off-putting to some. The Praga Premium Pils is a mixed bag that rises above the macro pale lager but doesn’t reach the level of better pilseners.

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