Paix Dieu Triple, a Belgian Tripel brewed by Brasserie Caulier

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Paix Dieu Triple is a Belgian Tripel brewed by Brasserie Caulier, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a snifter from a bottle.

Packaging art for the Paix Dieu Triple by Brasserie Caulier

Packaging art for the Paix Dieu Triple by Brasserie Caulier


Pours a cloudy golden color and topped by nearly an inch-thick cap of white foam that begins to bubble away rapidly. The reduction fizzes away to a frothy collar of fine bubbles. Ample sediment and effervescence are visibly apparent.


The aroma consists of grain, flowery hops, and a touch of honey. A hint of alcohol appears as the beer warms.

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Sweet grain transitions to apple and pear before turning spicy with pepper and coriander. And then the taste mellows with sweet Belgian candied sugar, finishing with a mild bite of floral hops and a funky note of Belgian yeast. That funkiness is a little pronounced at first but dissipates as the beer warms. A base of doughy bread and honey tie the palate together. The ABV is a little high for the style but is masked fairly well. Although a bit of warmth does appear as the ale loses its chill.


Its mouthfeel is smooth and dry with a medium-high body and prickly carbonation.

Label art for the Paix Dieu Triple by Brasserie Caulier

Label art for the Paix Dieu Triple by Brasserie Caulier


Although the alcohol runs a bit high the balance between fruits, spices, and grains is fairly well executed. The Paix Dieu Triple might not be the best representation of the style, but considering a bottle can be purchased at around six or seven dollars, it’s an excellent value for a Belgian Tripel. Grab a few bottles. You’ll enjoy drinking this one.

Brewed on a Full Moon

The gimmick behind this brew is that this Tripel is always brewed on a full moon. This particular one was brewed in March 2017. And that spring moon is also known as the Sowing Moon.

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