Monk IPA is a Belgian-style IPA by Inlet Brewing Company whose hop-forward character is complemented by yeast, tropical fruit, and bready malt.

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Monk IPA is a Belgian-style IPA brewed by Inlet Brewing Company, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in an IPA glass from a 12 oz. bottle.


The Monk IPA pours a cloudy marigold hue and capped by a towering stack of rocky white foam (be careful when pouring this one). The head shows excellent retention and its reduction leaves sticky residue on the glass. Ample effervescence can be seen continuously rising in the glass.


The aromatics offer a heady scent of musty yeast, floral hops, and baked bread. There are also notes of sweet caramel and tropical fruit as well.

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The palate is led by a taste of lightly toasted bread and then smacks the mouth with a big bite of floral, citrus, and even piney hops. The tasting mellows from there with sweet notes of tropical fruit juices. A somewhat funky yeast and bready malt base tie the palate together.


The Monk IPA feels crisp and lively with its medium-light body and high carbonation. The tasting finishes dryly and has a moderately-high astringency.

Label art for the Monk IPA by Inlet Brewing Company

Label art for the Monk IPA by Inlet Brewing Company


The Monk IPA looks great in the glass and has a strong, persistent, lovely, complex aroma. It’s really enticing. As is often the case with Belgian-style brews, the carbonation is amped up, but it serves this beer well as it’s so easy to tilt back. The palate will please the hopheads with its hop-forward character but there’s just enough tropical fruit and bready malt to balance. Overall, the Monk IPA is a solid beer.

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