Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is an award-winning American Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery whose layered complexity is an absolute delight.

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Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is an American Porter that’s brewed by Funky Buddha Brewery, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was served in a Teku glass from a 12 oz. bottle.

Packaging art for the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

Packaging art for the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

What You Need to Know

This is the beer that put Funky Buddha on the map. It was first brewed nearly ten years ago at the Funky Buddha’s former Boca Raton lounge and word spread quickly. The porter was an instant hit among beer geeks and was highly sought in trades as it became a global sensation. The Porter spawned a beer festival and really spurred the brewery’s meteoric climb. In 2016, Funky Buddha took home a Gold Medal for the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter at the World Beer Cup. So it must be pretty good, right? Well, let’s get to the review.


The Porter pours a mahogany hue that shows hint of golden brown when held to the light. The ale is topped by a finger thick-cap of puffy tan-colored foam that shows fair retention. The head’s reduction leaves a mottled swirl atop the ale.

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From the moment you pop the bottle open, you’re immersed in a warming aroma of maple syrup, coffee, and baked bready malt. The bacon aspect is barely there. Or perhaps it’s not there at all. Either way, there is a hint of smokiness that appears once the beer loses its chill.


The tasting begins with a taste of browned bread and coffee that transitions through a sweetness of dark chocolate and maple. A more pronounced hit of roast greets the back end and the tasting is rounded out with earthy wood, moderate smokiness, and somewhat salty finish that lends itself to being bacon-y.

Label art for the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

Label art for the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery


The feel has a relatively smooth draw that becomes somewhat grainy on the back end. The body and carbonation are moderate. The finish is mostly dry.


Perhaps the head retention isn’t superb but that’s nitpicking. Otherwise, the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter presents just fine. The aroma is strong and oh-so inviting. You really can’t wait to give it a try. At first the palate is somewhat underwhelming but this is a beer that’s best left to sit for a moment while it loses its chill. That’s when the layered complexity really begins to shine. And shine it does. There’s roast, sweet, salty, earthy, bready, and smoky flavors all in one glass. Seems like a lot. It is. But somehow it just works. The feel might seem a little light to some but it does make it easier to tilt back.

Overall, once you’ve tried it, it’s easy to understand what makes the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter so special and why it’s considered one of the great American beers.

Recommended Pairings

Funky Buddha brewery recommends the following food pairings with their Maple Bacon Coffee Porter: maple syrup-drenched pancakes, bacon and egg sandwich, molten chocolate cake, braised short ribs, steak and eggs, mofongo, chicharron.

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