Havana Lager, a Vienna Lager by Concrete Beach Brewery

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Havana Lager is a Vienna Lager brewed by Concrete Beach Brewery, and for the purposes of this craft beer review, the lager was served in a nonic pint glass from a can.


Pours a crystal clear, burnt orange with an inch-thick cap of off-white foam that reduces slowly.


Aroma is faint but offers a pleasant scent of toasty caramel malt.

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The palate follows much the same as a quartet of malts offer flavors of biscuit with a hint of chocolate and citrus. Finishes cleanly with a mild, grassy bite from Cascade and Hallertau hops.


Crisp mouthfeel is pretty smooth with a less-than-medium body and moderate carbonation.


The Havana Lager makes a nice use of its malt, representing a Vienna Lager style exceptionally well. This is perhaps, the best offering from Concrete Beach.

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