Era Tiny Farmhouse Ale by Prairie Artisan Ales

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The Era Tiny Farmhouse Ale is a Belgian-style Saison brewed by Prairie Artisan Ales. For the purposes of this craft beer review, the ale was poured into a tulip glass from a 12 oz. can.


The Saison pours an opaque yellow ochre and is topped by a frizzy cap of white froth that bubbles away rapidly. The head’s reduction doesn’t leave behind any residue. A thin ring of tiny bubbles rounds the sides. Once the beer settles, its clarity takes on a moderate haze and a little sediment can be seen adrift in the glass.


The aroma is yeasty and wafts the nose with wet grass and barnyard funk. There’s a subtle note of citrus as well.

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The palate leafs off with a taste of light cracker that sours with lemon and then the back of the mouth is struck with a citrus bite of Cascade and Centennial hops. Their bitterness lingers after the tasting. As the beer warms, a mild note of pepper is picked up in the finish.


The feel is smoother than expected with a medium-light body and moderate carbonation. Its finish has a moderate astringency.

Label art for the  by Prairie Artisan Ales

Label art for the by Prairie Artisan Ales


For a Saison, its appearance could be better but that’s nitpicking. The aroma is fantastic but fades not long after the pour. Its feel could use more carbonation and the palate is a little too hoppy for a Saison. Sure, the IBU count is within the style’s range, but there’s not enough malt for balance.

Overall, Era is a very refreshing brew. I was sitting on the patio when knocking back this Saison. And in the hot summer months, this Farmhouse Ale hits the spot. And with an ABV under 4%, you can easily quaff a few of these. This brew may not be a traditional Saison but you certainly could do worse.


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