Smuttynose Brewing Begins To Make Its Comeback

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It wasn’t but a few months ago that increased competition in a shrinking marketplace drove New Hampshire-based Smuttynose Brewing Company to put itself up for auction. Provident Bank acquired the brewery for $8.25 million and weeks later sold it to Runnymede Investments.

Runnymede installed longtime industry veteran Richard Lindsay as CEO, and since that time, Smuttynose has begun to make its comeback.

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Shoals Pale Ale, an English-style Pale Ale by Smuttynose Brewing Company

Shoals Pale Ale

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According to the Union Leader, has been getting feedback from employees and customers with the goal of being innovative while also remaining true to its brand.

The company is investing $2 million into a new canning line that will be added to their Towle Farm Road location in Hampton, New Hampshire. But it will be another year before it’s finished being built.

In the meantime, the brewery is using a smaller $300,000 canning line and has already canned their Blueberry Weisse, a German-style Berliner Weisse. Smuttynose will also be canning their American IPAs FinestKind and Hazy IPA.

The brewery has also added a 30-gallon system to produce small batches and allow the brewers to craft experimental beers that will be offered during brewery tours and at their Hayseed Restaurant.

“The brewery really hasn’t come up with new products in the last few years,” Lindsay told the Union Leader. “Now, we can just play. We can do a bunch of new stuff.”

Greg Blanchard, the brewery operations manager, began his career working on the bottling line at Smuttynose and has now been employed by the company for the past 20 years. He’s been encouraged by the surge of creativity that has taken place since Runnymede purchased brewery. “The magic is back,” Blanchard said. “It’s a dream come true because no one knew what was going to happen.”


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