Outside the taproom at Payette Brewing Company in Boise, Idaho

Payette Brewing Company unveiled a new look for its packaging while also announcing that its Boise taproom and beer garden is reopening to the public.

Payette Brewing Launches New Can Design and Reopens Taproom

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Priding themselves on the quality and craftsmanship of their beer, Payette Brewing Company is releasing a wildly new look with the same adventurous attitude. As a brewery that welcomes all types of beer drinkers through their door, they do know that their brand especially speaks to those who like to pack up their beer and take it out on an outdoor adventure.

“We have a lot to be excited about,” said Paige Francis, owner and Marketing Director of Payette Brewing. “Although our mandated closure put a lot of stress on us, we used it as a time to hit refresh and elevate our look to match the attitude of the beer and our beer drinkers.”

Payette Brewing Company launched a new look of their 12 oz. cans for their lineup of beers.

Payette Brewing Company launched a new look of their 12 oz. cans for their lineup of beers.

Each design was inspired by the taste, ingredients, and process of the individual beer. A clean design that prides itself on Payette’s roots by using the outline of the Payette River, and the iconic Idaho bar code.

The rollout of each new can will happen throughout 2020, with a handful already in the market. “Sofa King Sunny, Urban Surfer and Embers Porter were the first to debut our new look,” says Francis. “North Fork Lager and Aura Guava & Hibiscus Sour Ale have made the transition and we are excited to continue releasing the new designs for others in our portfolio. We’re not doing it all at once because well, good things take time.”

Payette Reopens Taproom and Beer Garden

After being closed to the public for over two months due to the cease on-site consumption of the Tap Room during COVID-19, Payette is thrilled to welcome back their loyal supporters to their brewery on Saturday, May 30th, at 11 AM With the health and safety of their employees and customers being their number one priority, the spacious 4,600 sq. ft. will allow guests to still practice social distancing while enjoying their cold craft, quality beer.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Payette Brewing Company has reopened their taproom and beer garden to the public.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Payette Brewing Company has reopened their taproom and beer garden to the public.

“We are so pumped to welcome back our guests to Payette Brewing, and once again unite over a beer,” said Michael Francis, owner of Payette Brewing. “We have taken every detailed step to make our customers feel at ease and safe while enjoying a cold beer in our expansive Tap Room, and get a sneak peek at our new, completely renovated and updated beer garden!”

During the COVID closure, Payette took advantage of the less traffic time to make significant updates to their 11,000 square foot beer garden. Although it will not be finished by opening, guests will be able to view and see renderings of the grounds. The updated beer garden includes a 10-foot fire pit, a bocce ball court, dedicated food truck parking, sun sails, stage area, and 2,610 sq. ft. of beautiful artificial grass.

Also, during the closure, Payette’s staff participated in Crush the Curve Idaho, and have been tested for antibodies. Those employees who will be on-site during the opening, have followed the protocol set by that program.

Strictly following the state protocols for bars and breweries, Payette will be closely monitoring the Tap Room and taking proactive steps to keep their staff and guests healthy. Payette has increased sanitation and disinfection efforts at the property to support these efforts. A continuous cleaning regimen with medical-grade disinfectant throughout the day has been established. Other efforts include:

  • Limit occupancy to 30-50% with a hostess to manage the number of patrons who are in the Tap Room at once, to maintain physical distancing requirements
  • Spacing tables appropriately to keep patrons six feet apart while seated and while moving in and out of chairs
  • Keep a six-foot distance when waiting in line for entrance to the establishment
  • Dedicate staff members to disinfection of high contact surfaces throughout the establishment and disinfection of tables between parties
  • Make sure growlers and refillable or reusable containers are cleaned prior to refilling
  • Require all employees in contact with patrons to wear cloth face coverings and gloves during their shift and change gloves after touching patron items
  • Screen employees for fever and symptoms before every shift

During the closure, Payette Brewing launched an online “Buy Your Pal a Pint” program, which generated over 900 virtual beer gifts. Guests who participated in the program or received a beer will be the firsts welcomed through the doors to redeem their pint.

“Thank you to everyone for your support and your trust in Payette Brewing during this time,” said Francis.

Due to the unprecedented nature and fluidity of the current situation, Payette will monitor the coronavirus on a continuous basis and keep patrons and staff informed as the situation evolves. Up-to-date information will be available on their website.


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