Karl Strauss Brewing Revamps To-Go Menu with Family-Style Meals Amid COVID-19

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Karl Strauss Brewing Company announced meals and beer to-go in the wake of the mandated closures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Eight of Karl Strauss’ Brewpubs have revamped their to-go menus to accommodate serving at home, including platters, proteins, salads, and sides — in addition to select Karl menu items — that are available for pickup at the list of locations below. Please call in advance to place your order for pickup.

A crowler and a pair of growlers from Karl Strauss Brewing Company

A crowler and a pair of growlers from Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Here is Karl Strauss’ statement about these changes:

To our friends and family,We believe in the power of good beer and good food now more than ever. We’re reorganizing our menu to be the most help for you. Family-sized platters, sides by the pound, and lots of freshly prepared proteins (we know it’s been rough to find proteins out there.) Also, a reminder that you can also order these items for delivery via DoorDash (with more delivery providers coming soon.) Stay strong. We’ll get through this together with a little help from our friends, neighbors, and some great beer too.

With love, Team Karl


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