Lineup of canned and bottled beers offered by DESTIHL Brewery

DESTIHL Brewery officially announced that it has partnered with Lakeshore Beverage for distribution of its beers to Central Illinois.

DESTIHL Brewery Partners with Lakeshore Beverage and Skeff Distributing

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DESTIHL Brewery officially announced today that it has partnered with Lakeshore Beverage for distribution of its beers in its home market of Bloomington-Normal and nearby Pontiac, Lincoln and Ottawa, Illinois, and with Skeff Distributing in nearby markets of Decatur, Springfield, Champaign-Urbana, Danville and Taylorville, Illinois.

In May 2017, DESTIHL opened its new production facility in Normal, Illinois. “Our larger brewery has allowed us to grow beer wholesales nationally by an average annual rate of 52% (or 42% annually by volume) since opening, and we are still holding strong in 2019,” said Co-Founder, CEO and Brewmaster, Matt Potts. “Maintaining growth at several times the craft beer industry growth rate is very challenging in this increasingly competitive market, but we continue to achieve growth with quality, innovative brands and by getting stronger in both our national and regional markets.”

“Our new partnerships with Lakeshore Beverage and Skeff Distributing are an awesome opportunity, enabling us to meet demand in our hometown and other local markets. Both of these new distributors have a great track record of growing brands by providing fantastic customer service to a breadth of accounts,” continued Potts.“DESTIHL is a great brewery with a diverse range of excellent beers that fill a gap in our portfolio perfectly. We are excited to work collaboratively with DESTIHL to bring their beers to beer lovers in their home market and beyond,” says Austin Sawyer, Director of Craft and Import Brands for Lakeshore Beverage.

“We at Team Skeff are very excited to partner with the great group at DESTIHL Brewery and distribute their high-quality brands in our Decatur, Springfield, Champaign/Urbana, Danville and Taylorville markets”, said John Skeffington, President, CEO & GM at Skeff Distributing. “Their commitment to quality is the same as ours and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

Beers from DESTIHL’s DeadHead IPA Series, WiLD SOUR Series and other core offerings are available on shelves and draft lines now, including: DeadHead IPA Series — Touch of Haze Hazy IPA (16 oz. cans & draft); WiLD SOUR Series (12 oz. cans & draft) — Here Gose Nothin’, Cranberry Criek and the ‘Wild Pack’, which is a variety 12-pack of DESTIHL’s industry-changing sour beers; and DESTIHL Core Brands (12 oz. cans & draft) — Moonjumper Milk Stout, Amra Mango IPA, Weissenheimer Hefeweizen, Vertex IPA and Normal Pils. Craft beer consumers can also look forward to DESTIHL’s award-winning Dosvidanya Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stouts hitting shelves now as well. Neil Reinhardt, DESTIHL’s Director of Sales, also noted, “We are always excited to have the opportunity to work with great wholesalers, and Lakeshore Beverage and Skeff Distributing are no exception. Central Illinois is obviously our most key market for our brewery, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish with the Lakeshore and Skeff teams.”


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