Brewers Association Shares Brewery Employee Diversity Data

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For the first time, the Brewers Association (BA) is reporting on brewery employee diversity data.

The Brewers Association is a trade association that aids craft breweries in many areas, like supporting technical advancement, organizing events, and offering a depth of services that help their member breweries run their businesses.

Data and reporting is among those member services because it gives business owners insight. Bart Watson, the BA’s chief economist, is lead on analyzing data and interpreting it.

The BA added employee diversity benchmark questions to its annual member survey, and this is where the brewery employee diversity data the organization delivered today came from.

What motivated the BA to compile and present brewery employee diversity data?

“The simplest reason for benchmarking this data is that you can’t measure future change unless you know where you are to begin with,” Watson writes.

The survey results aren’t incredibly surprising, finding the majority of people who work in breweries are white men. Let’s look at a few of the other findings.

Tidbits from BA Brewery Employee Diversity Data Survey

There’s a strong male presence among brewery employees who hold the title of brewer; about 7.5 percent of the staff of reporting breweries employed a female in the brewer role.

Female representation among craft brewery employees grows to around 37 percent in the “non-production, non-service” staff roles. The segment that employs the most women is the brewery service staff (54 percent).

The survey also asked breweries about the ethnicity of their employees. Eighty-eight percent of the people who own craft breweries are white, while American Indian or Alaska Native make up 4 percent, Asian and Hispanic both at 2 percent, and Black brewery owners make up 1 percent.

The ethnic make-up gets a tad more diverse when you look at employees in non-brewing roles on production staffs; Hispanic brewery employees making up 7 percent of non-brewing production staffs and black employees 3.5 percent. On brewery service staffs, the survey says Hispanic employees make up about 7.5 percent, while black employees a little over 4 percent.

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