Atwater Brewery Increases Production of Hard Seltzers

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Detroit’s Atwater Brewery is doubling down on its Hard Seltzer production after its initial production quantities sold out quickly and received high marks from industry insiders, customers and reviewers.

Detroit’s Atwater Brewery is doubling down on its Hard Seltzer production after its initial production quantities sold out quickly and received high marks.

“We didn’t want to rush our Hard Seltzers to market,” said Mark Rieth, Atwater owner. “It was important to us that our products tasted like the flavors we promised — cherry, mango and lime — and not ‘fake’ like some of the other products we sampled. Our product needed to be clear and crisp with just the right amount of fizz. We think we accomplished that, and we’re thrilled, as are our customers, to be restocking store shelves.”

Even with its unexpectedly huge sales boom, some in the industry expected Seltzers to be a summer fad with sales cooling off with the weather. What’s clear to Atwater is that sales aren’t going to die down anytime soon. That’s largely due to refreshing taste and an enthusiastic audience of health and fitness conscience millennials and Gen Z customers.

In addition to being cool and refreshing, Hard Seltzer is a lifestyle option. At just 100 calories, low carbs and gluten free, Atwater Hard Seltzer drinkers won’t get weighed down. And, unlike cocktails and mixed drinks, Hard Seltzers have a predictable, steady alcohol content making it a perfect beverage for a low key hangout or Holiday party.

Atwater Seltzers are “clear, crisp and clean” spiked sparkling waters with a 5.0% ABV, just 100 calories, and packaged in 12-ounce cans in Cherry, Mango and Lime flavors. According to Rieth, the Seltzer brewing process isn’t entirely different from what Atwater is already doing with its popular line of craft beers. Atwater uses pure cane sugar instead of malt, and adds yeast in the fermentation process — using the same brewhouse and tanks as its craft beer counterparts.

“We spent a lot of time researching hard seltzers before we jumped in,” said Rieth. “And now we’re seeing that research pay off in taste and sales. We have the equipment and processes in place to provide steady shipments to our retail partners and our mutual customers. And that’s what we intend to do.”

Atwater Hard Seltzers are also available at Atwater’s three taphouses in Detroit, Grosse Pointe and Grand Rapids. “We’re confident sales will continue throughout the winter — Hard Seltzers are a great New Year’s Resolution drink for those looking to cut back on calories,” Rieth said.


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