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Beer Can Help Combat Disease and Obesity

New research shows that when consumed in moderation, probiotics found in certain kinds of beer may fight major diseases and even obesity. Read More

Florida Man Arrested for Giving Beer to an Alligator

A Florida Man was arrested and is out on bond for enticing an alligator to bite his forearm and then pouring beer into its mouth. Read More

UK Study Finds That People Are Happier With A Pub Nearby

The CAMRA study found ale drinkers who visit a pub regularly have made new friends and were also found to be more trusting of people. Read More

Three Women Recreate 5,000 Year Old Ancient Egypt Beer

Three women have taken inspiration from the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and have created a beer using a 5,000-year-old recipe. Read More

Cheapest Places in the UK to Grab a Pint

Drinking in the United Kingdom can be quite expensive, and with that in mind, here are some places you can grab a beer and pay as little as possible. Read More

Beer Before Wine or Wine Before Beer Doesn’t Make a Difference

Researchers from Cambridge and Witten/Herdecke University have concluded that the order of drinking beer and wine doesn’t make a difference with a hangover. Read More

Presidential Candidate Emphasizes Craft Beer’s Collaborative Spirit in Video

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and 2020 Presidential candidate gives message on bringing collaborative spirit of craft beer to the White House. Read More

Live Longer By Drinking Two Beers A Day

Research from the American Association for the Advancement of Science has revealed that drinking two glasses of beer or wine per day can increase longevity. Read More