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Australian Navy Delivers 800 Gallons of Emergency Beer

The Royal Australian Navy sent one of its ships on an emergency beer run to resupply a pub whose town had been hit hard by the bushfires. Read More

Scientists Study How to Make the Head of a Beer Last Longer

Scientists in Europe have been working on a way to make the the glorious head of a beer last even longer — even until you need a refill. Read More

New York Giants QB Eli Manning had a Beer Guy in Every NFL Stadium

Eli Manning has always been a beer guy and now it’s been learned that he had a guy in every NFL stadium deliver beer to him after every game. Read More

Bud Light Matches Fine Against Baltimore Ravens CB Marcus Peters with Donation to Charity

Baltimore Ravens CB Marcus Peters celebrated a game-clinching play by chugging a fan’s beer, was fined, and Bud Light matched the tab with a charitable donation. Read More

Can You Buy Alcohol in Your State on Christmas or New Year’s Day?

Here’s a handy guide to prepare your survival of the holiday season by making sure you don’t get stuck without beer (or other libations). Read More

Does Tapping a Beer Stop it from Foaming Over?

Does tapping a beer can actually prevent it from foaming over when opened? Scientists in Denmark studied this time-honored tradition. Read More

Americans Are Drinking Less Beer And Here’s Why

The numbers don’t lie. Americans are drinking less beer and after years of growth, the industry is mired in a bear market. So what are they drinking instead? Read More

Dying Father Fulfills Wish To Have One Last Beer With His Sons

Making every moment count, a dying man fulfills his wish to enjoy one last beer with his sons before passing away the next day. Read More

Money Spent on Beer Ads Linked to Underage Drinking

Advertising budgets and strategies used by beer companies appear to influence underage drinking, according to new research from Iowa State University. Read More

Former Red Wings Star Chris Chelios Pounded Beers During Game

Former Detroit Red Wings star defenseman Chris Chelios claims to have pounded beers while being benched during the 2009 Winter Classic hockey game. Read More