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20 Pints of Guinness Seized by Police in Ireland

Twenty pints of Guinness were seized in Ireland when Gardai raided a delivery service at a pub in County Donegal and returned the pints two days later. Read More

Untappd Can Be Used to Find Homes and Identities of Spies and Military

Untappd, a popular beer and brewery-rating app built on top of Foursquare’s location-tracking API, poses a risk to the security of military and intelligence personnel. Read More

Mexicans Dying from Poisoned Alcohol as Beer Runs Out

Scores of Mexicans are dying from drinking poisonous, adulterated liquor, as a consequence of a shortage of mainstream alcoholic beverages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Pay-it-Forward “Beer Fairies” are Leaving Brews Outside Doors

Over three-thousand people have joined a private Facebook group that surprises strangers with the gift of beer and asks that the recipient pay it forward. Read More

The Craft of Brewing Beer May Be Much Older

Advances in the study of modern and ancient malted grain revealed that humans may have been brewing beer far longer than what had originally been proven. Read More

School Board President Apologizes for Drinking Beer During Zoom Meeting

The president of the Charter Oak Unified School Board in Covina, California, apologized for drinking beer during a Zoom video conference earlier this month. Read More

Irish Pub Uses Drones to Deliver Beer to Customers

McKeever’s Bar and Lounge in Ireland is now flying beer, wine, and potato chips to patrons by drone to stay afloat during the coronavirus lockdown. Read More

Couple in South Africa Die from Drinking Home Brewed Beer

A couple died in their Port Nolloth home in South Africa after drinking homemade beer to get around strict coronavirus lockdown restrictions on alcohol. Read More

Crowded Pub Beer Garden in Bristol Draws Ire of Residents

Onlookers said they were “appalled” when they witnessed a crowd not practicing social distancing at a beer garden outside The Pump House in Bristol, England. Read More

Doorbell Camera Captures “Beer Fairy” Leaving Care Packages

A woman from Tallmadge, Ohio, was surprised to find care packages left at her door and the videos recorded from a doorbell camera of the mysterious beer fairy. Read More