Making every moment count, a dying man fulfills his wish to enjoy one last beer with his sons before passing away the next day.

Making every moment count, a dying man fulfills his wish to enjoy one last beer with his sons before passing away the next day.

Dying Father Fulfills Wish To Have One Last Beer With His Sons

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At 87 years old, a Wisconsin man knew his time was short but still wanted to make each moment count. And in a heartwarming photo that has now gone viral, Norbert Schemm was pictured doing just that. With his sons gathered around their father’s bedside, the small group was photographed having a beer inside a hospital room. Norbert passed the very next day.

It was a moment that resonated with many people online.

His grandson, Adam Schemm, reflected on the picture he tweeted last Thursday that showed Norbert enjoying a bottle along with his wife, Joanne and sons, Bob, Tom and John.

“It was a really good family moment that I know meant a lot to everyone,” Schemm told CBS News last Tuesday. “The look on everyone’s face is something to cherish, they are all smiling including my grandfather.”

Prior to that special moment, Schemm’s grandfather had been in the hospital for a week. “Things were getting worse,” Schemm explained.

His father then texted everyone in a family chat that his grandfather was going to have a beer.

The family came together and Schemm’s aunt Paula Bucholz took the photo that went viral. Schemm uploaded the pic on social media as a way to “honor” his grandfather. His caption read “Last night all he wanted to do was to have one last beer with his sons.”

“I loved the photo,” Schemm said. “It’s such an authentic moment that although I was hesitant to share publicly was just so real not to share.”

The photo received more than 320,000 likes and 31,000 retweets. The comments were flooded with responses from other people sharing their last memories with loved ones.

“I don’t know you… but I felt this,” social media user Ben Riggs tweeted. “Days before my grandpa passed he let my dad and I know he wanted a cigar and a beer. We made it happen. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your grandpa’s smile is one for the books!”

“Did the same thing with my Dad in May. Cold beer and a Yankee game. My condolences,” another man tweeted.

“My grandmom did the same thing but with shots of Bailey’s,” another person replied.

“I lost my grandpa a year ago. It took all his strength but we got him out to eat the best steak money could buy. Besides steak, all he wanted was a ‘Wisconsin’ Old Fashion and to try espresso for the first time. He was alive for one more night before he passed 7 days later,” Michael Smith tweeted.

Schemm was touched by the positive thoughts received by so many. “It’s an honor and pleasure that we are able to keep talking about my grandfather a week later,” Schemm said. “I’m glad that we are able to keep his memory alive.”


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