Cheapest Places in the UK to Grab a Pint

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If you’re considering a trip to the United Kingdom — or perhaps you’re already there! — your visit wouldn’t possibly be complete without enjoying a pint or two at your local pub.

Of course, drinking in the UK can be quite expensive, and with that in mind, here are some places you can grab a beer and pay as little as possible. The list was compiled by the comparison website Finder.

Beers Are Cheaper Up North

Pound for pound, you’ll find the best value for your beer up North. A half dozen of the places on the list are up North. One is even in Scotland.

The cheapest pint in the UK can be found in the northwest. The city of Preston offers a pints of beer that average a mere £3.06. Not too shabby.

Next up is Perth, Scotland. It’s just a penny more expensive there at £3.07.

What follows is a small price increase to £3.25 in Sunderland.

And then come some of the cities that might actually be a considered “destination”.

Liverpool is next and offers a pint for an average of £3.27.

Hull comes in at the same price.

And then rounding out the top ten are Stoke, Southend, Dundee, Swansea, and Sheffield.

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The Most Expensive Places in the UK

And their numbers also showed of the most expensive places for a pint in the UK.

It’s no surprise that London is the most expensive city with an average price coming in at £5.18. That’s up from £4.76 in 2017.

Also on the most expensive list are Brighton, Cambridge and Bristol. The three cities price their beers over £4.30.

Why Are Pints In A Pub So Expensive?

The average price for a pint in the UK is £3.70. More and more pubs are closing rapidly as buying a four pack of supermarket pish is comparatively less expensive. So what makes having a pint in a pub so costly?

In a report told to The Sun, Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association explained “Pubs are so much more than a place to get a drink. They are the beating heart of our communities and bring us together — something that drinking at home simply can’t compete with, no matter how much cheaper it is.”

True, but there’s another reason to explain their high cost.

“One pound in every three spent in a pub goes to the taxman, so it’s no wonder many feel priced out of a pint at their local.”

UK Crown Branded Imperial Pint Glass

The Average Cost of Pints of Beer in the UK

Here’s the list in its entirety, sorted from most expensive to the least:

London – £5.18
Brighton and Hove – £4.53
Cambridge – £4.40
Bristol – £4.36
Edinburgh – £4.19
Oxford – £4.14
Reading – £4.12
Portsmouth – £4.11
Manchester – £4.11
Belfast – £4.05
Birmingham – £3.94
Southampton – £3.92
Exeter – £3.91
Ipswich – £3.81
Glasgow – £3.79
Leicester – £3.73
York – £3.72
Poole – £3.71
Norwich – £3.70
Luton – £3.68
Plymouth – £3.66
Inverness – £3.62
Northampton – £3.61
Gloucester – £3.61
Aberdeen – £3.60
Nottingham – £3.59
Leeds – £3.57
Aberystwyth – £3.56
Newcastle upon Tyne – £3.53
Coventry – £3.52
Peterborough – £3.51
Cardiff – £3.46
Sheffield – £3.37
Swansea – £3.31
Dundee – £3.29
Southend-on-Sea – £3.29
Stoke-on-Trent – £3.29
Kingston upon Hull – £3.27
Liverpool – £3.27
Sunderland – £3.25
Perth – £3.07
Preston – £3.06

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