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Twenty pints of Guinness were seized in Ireland when Gardai raided a delivery service at a pub in County Donegal and returned the pints two days later.

20 Pints of Guinness Seized by Police in Ireland

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Twenty pints of Guinness were seized in Ireland when officers of the Garda (the state police force in the Republic of Ireland) raided a delivery service at a pub in County Donegal. Those pints have since been freed.

The pints of plain were taken by the Gardai who visited O’Flaherty’s Bar in Buncrana on a Saturday evening but the brews were returned two days later. The officers returned the beers still sealed in their pint glasses.

Outside the entrance to O’Flaherty's pub in Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland

Outside the entrance to O’Flaherty's pub in Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland

The Gardai said they had received complaints by members of the public about the Guinness Express service being operated by the bar.

O’Flaherty’s admitted they were delivering pints of Guinness to thirsty customers within a five kilometer radius of the bar located on the Inishowen peninsula. The bar even posted videos of satisfied customers enjoying their creamy pints of brew in their homes.

It’s understood the bar owners had spoken to the Garda earlier last week but could not be told which law they were breaking by delivering the pints. But then on Saturday evening the Garda, including a local sergeant, a detective, and a uniformed officer, arrived at the well-known establishment.

The Gardai confiscated the pints, which were all in pint glasses, and sealed tightly with plastic wrap. The pints were then taken to the Buncrana Garda station.

Gardai later confirmed that a file on the matter was being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

As a result, the owners of O’Flaherty’s Bar then announced on their Facebook page that they had been left with no other choice but to shutter their Guinness Express service.

And then the bar was immediately inundated with complaints from members of the public about scrapping the service. Even an online campaign with the hashtag #Freethe20stout gathered momentum.

The Pints Were Returned

Eventually, the 20 confiscated pints of Guinness were returned to the pub by Garda. O’Flaherty’s confirmed they received the confiscated pints but didn’t wish to comment any further.

However, a source said not a drop was missing from the confiscated alcohol but that they were a little flat.

“Some say the service was illegal and others say it was just a bit of fun,” they added. “Others say if the bars are supposed to be closed then the Garda are only doing their jobs.

“It’s the talk of the town here but I honestly don’t think the Garda thought this one through.

“The pints have been freed. The 20 stout are free but you certainly wouldn’t be drinking them. They’re as flat as anything.”

The Guinness Express Service Resumes

The story does have a happy ending. Thanks to the national attention their story received, the matter was reviewed, and O’Flaherty’s announced that they can resume their Guinness Express Service without fear of consequence.

For all those on the Inishowen peninsula, here’s hoping you’re enjoying a pint of plain from the comfort and safety of your own home. Sláinte!

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