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Bottles of Yellow Belly Imperial Stout by Omnipollo and Buxton Brewery

Omnipollo’s “Yellow Belly” Klan-Themed Packaging Sparks Controversy

World of Beer will stop selling Omnipollo’s “Yellow Belly” Imperial Stout after complaints the bottle’s packaging resembles hoods worn by the Ku Klux Klan. Read More

Scotland’s First Minister to Wait “Couple Weeks” to Reopen Beer Gardens

Scotland’s First Minister said beer gardens could be hotspots for COVID-19 and would remain closed for a couple of weeks longer while being investigated. Read More

Steam Hollow Brewing Faces Backlash for Claiming George Floyd Murder was a Hoax

Steam Hollow Brewing made the outrageous claim that the murder of George Floyd was staged, and as one would expect, the backlash was justifiably fierce. Read More

Devils Backbone Brewing Offers $20K for “Chief Hiking Officer” to Trek Appalachian Trail

Devils Backbone Brewing Company is offering $20,000 for a “Chief Hiking Officer” who loves hiking as much as beer to take on the daunting task of trekking the Appalachian Trail. Read More

Breweries in Minnesota and Elsewhere Respond to the Murder of George Floyd

As cities across the country experience civil unrest, breweries in Minnesota and elsewhere offer their support to those hurting from the murder of George Floyd. Read More

New Historical Marker Recognizes Brewery at Mill Creek in Nashville

A new historical marker recognizing the Brewery at Mill Creek was recently installed by Metro Nashville Public Works at Elm Hill Pike and Massman Drive. Read More

Minneapolis Craft Breweries React to Death of George Floyd

Minneapolis craft breweries Modist, Indeed, and Surly are lending their support to those protesting the death of George Floyd. Read More

103 Year-Old Grandmother Beats COVID-19 and Celebrates with Beer

A 103 year-old grandmother, Jennie Stejna, contracted COVID-19 while in a nursing home but she beat the odds and celebrated the feat with a cold beer. Read More

Man Drinking Beer at Beach Complains Social Distancing Not Strict Enough

While a crowd enoyed the Brighton’s seafront, one man drinking a beer was caught on camera complaining about the easing of lockdown restrictions. Read More

Homesick Irishman Builds Irish Pub in His Baltimore Basement

An Irishman living in the U.S. came up with a perfect way to combat being homesick: build an Irish pub in his basement with pints of Guinness on tap. Read More