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Woodwright Brewing Company is based in downtown Dunedin, Florida. We specialize in brewing traditional German and European style beers served in our tasting room and beer garden.

We set forth to make Woodwright Brewing Company the place that we would want to spend our time, an environment we would enjoy. The most important element of that environment for us, is that it be very friendly and welcoming. We want everyone that walks into Woodwright to feel like they’re a friend, they’re family. We wanted elegantly rustic and welcoming without any pretentiousness. While we take great pride in the beers that we create and the woodworking showcased here, we’re not arrogant about it. We want our guests to know that we built this place and brewed this beer for them to enjoy with us.

The beers that are brewed here by Eunice with the help of Patrick are mostly German and European styles. They are true to form and style: pure, straightforward beers. We receive many compliments for our Hefeweizen and the Dunkelweizen has a devoted following as do many of our 14-plus creations on tap. There are no extracts or craziness with the beer. We aren’t adding any fruit, sawdust or glitter to our beers. Many of our recipes adhere to the German purity laws that were introduced in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria. The decree allows for only hops, barley, water and, later, yeast. We serve our beers in style appropriate glassware so that the scent, mouth feel, and flavor is presented in the way it was intended.

Yes, we are a brewery. But we also maintain a nice list of wines and a cider or two for our friends wanting grapes or apples instead of wheat or barley!

The environment here is an extension of our home. The woodworking shop has been our family business since 1995 and grew with the showroom several years later. You can read more about the evolution of the shop and brewery in the history section. As you approach Woodwright, we hope that you feel as though you’re entering a unique niche within Dunedin. You are welcomed and drawn into the taproom, the loft, beer garden, and (on extra special nights) the woodworking shop for a show!

The time we’ve spent in Asheville, North Carolina, has given us an appreciation for traditional bluegrass music. We brought that music we love here to Woodwright Brewing Company for our friends and neighbors to enjoy. Every Thursday night, we have our Pickin’ Splinters Bluegrass Jam; a traditional jam with traditional instruments. On Friday nights, we feature local artists performing in our beer garden. About once a month, we bring a show into the woodworking shop. In the cooler months of the year on Wednesdays, we use the woodworking shop to host our Movies About Music series with a movie screen and thunderous sound!

Speaking of the old woodworking shop, we sometimes allow it to be reserved for private parties and events such as reunions, birthdays, wedding rehearsal dinners, music parties or whatever you can imagine.

Much like Woodwright Brewing Company is an expression of us, each of the seven other breweries in Dunedin is a reflection of their owners, brewers, and crew. Each brewery in town offers its own beers and environment for folks to enjoy. We hope you find Woodwright Brewing Company to be warm at heart and a welcoming place you find enjoyable. See you soon!


In the late 1990s Eunice was sent to Stuttgart, Germany on business. This was when she discovered how much she loved German beer. A discovery would later prove to be life changing!

Somewhere in the mid 2000s, Grant bought a home brewing kit for his wife, Eunice. She took to her new hobby with overwhelming enthusiasm and frightening obsession. Within a short time, Eunice was keeping friends and family supplied with her tasty home brewed beer. There were many times when every level surface in the kitchen was covered with bottles ready to be filled. Those bottles weren’t filled for long as they would quickly be returned to her empty again. Folks wanted more!

Friends and fellow business owners in town kept telling us that the Dunedin Woodwright showroom space was a great building that was being grossly underutilized. They were right. Everything Woodwright built was to order so the showroom rarely had anything in it to show. Also, Downtown Dunedin was evolving and what was once an industrial neighborhood was becoming part of the town’s core.

When Eunice (half kidding) mentioned to a friend, Mike Mackenzie, that she would like to start brewing in the back of Woodwright and make the showroom a taproom, he didn’t take it as a joke. Mike mentioned it to his son, Micheal, and daughter in law, Elizabeth. The Mackenzie’s provided the seed money & invaluable encouragement we needed to purchase a more sophisticated 1/2 barrel brewing system that transformed a hobby into a career. This was set up behind a moveable wall in the back 20 ft. of the showroom hidden from public view.

Eunice also spent the next couple years apprenticing with Rapp Brewing because Greg Rapp shares her love of traditional German Beer. When not at Rapp, she was secretly brewing in the back of Woodwright. Meanwhile, a plan and timeline began to take shape for transforming our showroom into a taproom. We enjoyed realizing our vision of a brewery from the perspective of woodworkers. Professional woodworkers rarely get the opportunity to build what they want for themselves, so this was going to be special.

March 10, 2016, we opened Woodwright Brewing Company to the public. Many had no idea what we’d been up to and we were overwhelmed with support from our community. The Bryant family from Dunedin Brewery, Devon from 7vnth Sun Brewing, Todd from Waite Technologies, Joe, Dan, and Smalls from Arkane Ale Works, The City of Dunedin, our Woodwright craftsmen, and so many more helped this dream come true! In those first few weeks several of our closest friends and family jumped in to wash glasses, pour beer, fetch change, whatever was needed. Thank you all!

Patrick has transferred his skills as a woodworking craftsman into craft brewing. He now brews with Eunice full time so they can keep 12 to 16 beers on tap. The brewing system has evolved from a single 1/2 barrel to two 2-barrel systems that produce about four barrels per brew-day. Fourteen fermenters allow for a nice variety.

In December of 2016, we moved our parking around the corner to make way for our beer garden. This outdoor area has become a favorite spot to enjoy live acoustic music a couple evenings a week. Cameron McKeever has curated a great variety of musicians that we’re proud to showcase and enjoy listening to with a cold beer in hand. We sometimes produce concerts in our old woodworking shop by pushing the equipment aside and erecting a stage. Our “Shows In The Shop” have become great community events for music lovers.

This has amounted to quite an unexpected evolution for our family. All along, we’ve remained committed to producing something we’re proud of while staying open minded to whatever may lie ahead. We hope you enjoy Woodwright as much as we do. Prost!

Woodwright Brewing Company is an independent craft brewer.

Independent Brewery

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Woodwright Brewing Company

  • 985 Douglas Ave
  • Dunedin, FL 34698-4945
  • United States
  • (727) 238-8717

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