Titanic Brewery & Restaurant

Titanic Brewery & Restaurant is a local microbrewery and restaurant located in Coral Gables, Florida. Best brews in town!

One of the best breweries in Miami is the Titanic Brewery & Restaurant, counted among the oldest and most respected brewpubs in the city. Located in Coral Gables directly next to the University of Miami baseball field, Titanic Brewing Company has been a hometown favorite for years. The brewery’s laidback ambiance, well-rounded beer list, and carefully crafted cuisine have made it a top choice for locals and visitors alike, cementing its status as a pillar of Miami’s craft beer community.

The idea for Titanic Brewery was first developed by Kevin Rusk in late 1995. As a resident of the world’s “cruise capital,” Rusk wanted to create a brewery and restaurant concept that has a maritime-inspired spin. Thus, Titanic Brewing Company was born. From the moment you walk through the door, you have the feeling of being out at sea aboard a large, distinguished vessel, complete with dark wood tones and steam engine-inspired elements.

Setting out with the determination to create a unique place for Miami locals to enjoy, Rusk combined three key components when designing the space: a microbrewery, a fresh seafood restaurant, and a live entertainment venue. Excited locals welcomed the new addition to the community, and unlike the ill-fated ship of the same name, Titanic Brewing Company has achieved marked success over the years.

The Titanic Brewery has a 5 barrel DME Brewing System with 4 temperature controlled fermenters. 1 barrel equates to 31 gallons, and so every time we brew, we make 155 US Gallons of beer. Though the recipes have evolved through-out the years, the 6 house brew styles have remained the same. Aside from the six house brews, the brewmaster has a arsenal of over 25 recipes which he rotates through out the year.

Due to the loud nature of the brewing equipment, the brewmaster usually works early in the morning before the restaurant opens for business. Great effort goes into finding fresh ingredients, from the grain and barley to the hops even the water we use.

Titanic Brewery promises a quality product will fill your pint glass for every visit.

Titanic Brewery & Restaurant is an independent craft brewer.

Independent Brewery

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Titanic Brewery & Restaurant

  • 5813 Ponce De Leon Blvd
  • Miami, FL 33146-2422
  • United States
  • (305) 667-2537

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