The Public Option

The Public Option is a brewpub located in the Langdon neighborhood of northeast Washington, D.C. We make all our draft beer on site, and try to maintain a well balanced selection of 8 varieties at all times including 3 darker, more malty beers, 3 paler beers with a focus on the hops (often delicate), and 2 more experimental brews. The specific styles will vary.

At this point, we are not serving food on a regular basis. We have really enjoyed doing pop-ups with some outstanding local chefs and will continue to do so. The brewery occasionally hosts guest chefs but we don’t have any objection to folks bringing or ordering in food.

We have also had the pleasure of hosting a number of very talented musicians lately. We have some more shows in the works.

Beyond these basics, we hope to use The Public Option to explore what a small business in 21st century America can be. We believe that there is a tension between share-holder and stake-holder capitalism, and we’d like to explore it.

We are open regular hours on Fridays and Saturdays, and we frequently open other days for special events.

The Public Option is an independent craft brewer.

Independent Brewery

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The Public Option

  • 1601 Rhode Island Ave NE
  • Washington, DC 20018-1841
  • United States
  • (202) 397-5129

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