Outside the entrance to The Empourium Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado

Outside the entrance to The Empourium Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado

The Empourium Brewing Company

The goal for The Empourium Brewing Company has always been to understand what it is that people are seeking in a beer. We are bold and creative, constantly challenging the status quo by blending traditional styles with modern techniques.

We’re artist and craftsmen. Engineers and dreamers. We obsess over the small details in each beer so that every sip is memorable. We are bold and creative, always seeking to challenge the status quo to deliver extraordinary products. We champion relationships and connections; investing in each person that walks through the door.

We use our extensive experience within the craft beer industry to push the boundaries of flavor and aroma and ultimately deliver extraordinary products.

Our unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and obsession over the small details not only ensures that each sip is perfect, but every time you visit our tap room you can confidently try something new from our ever-rotating tap list and be confident that what’s in your glass will be exceptional. You may just find your new favorite beer.

Our welcoming, vibrant taproom and knowledgeable, friendly bar staff will ensure craft beer drinkers of all levels will leave satisfied.

Our Beers

Hops are what we love playing with the most but when you walk through the door we want to appeal to all tastes and preferences. Pale Ale, all varieties of IPAs, Belgians, traditional English varieties, fruited kettle sours, wild and barrel aged beer, unique nitro offerings, something for everyone.

You’ll find fruit, coffee, and spices used in our beer but as a compliment to the underlying style. You order a steak at a restaurant and that steak perfectly prepared can be delicious on its own, but complimenting it with the right rate of particular spices can take that steak from delicious to unforgettable, too many spices and you can take away from the hard work the chef put into preparing that steak and distract your pallet. Using adjuncts in beer is no different.

The Taproom

We knew we always wanted to be a neighborhood brewery and looked at many neighborhoods throughout Denver. We found that Berkeley has a very rich character and unique sense of pride. The neighborhood has done a great job of making themselves feel like their own little district outside of Denver as a whole. You talk to the people that live here and there really is a sense of pride that comes with being along Tennyson and in the Berkeley neighborhood. It’s contagious!

The moment you walk through the door, you’re greeted by an open floor plan with a plethora of seating. We believe every interaction with another person is an opportunity to learn and grow, so we designed a large, custom community table in the center of it all for this purpose.

Let your gaze drift beyond that to the bar and the rest of the space. We have have a lot of industrial qualities (brick, dark woods, steel beams) but at the same time our architect designed some modern, artistic features that appeal to the eye. Against our dark woods and industrial aspects you find a bright white countertop, consistent branding signage, and lighting features we feel are unique to our space.

We wanted people to see the brewing equipment and feel immersed in the process, but at the same time keep the brewery separate, clean, and sanitary. We installed a floor to ceiling glass wall between the taproom and production area to accomplish this for us.

Just like our beer, the small details in the tap room were important to us as well. From purse hooks and under-bar USB outlets so guests can charge their phones, to a dedicated merch stand designed specifically so that it doesn’t look out of place or just thrown together.

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Inside the taproom at The Empourium Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado

Inside the taproom at The Empourium Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado

The Empourium Brewing Company

  • 4385 W 42nd Ave
  • Denver, CO 80212
  • United States
  • (720) 361-2973

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