Above the SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia

Above the SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia

SweetWater Brewing Company

SweetWater Brewing Company has been makin’ tasty brews in the heart of the south since 1997. What started as a pipe dream of two college buddies has turned into a dream job full of great adventures and lip-smackin’ beers. What would you expect from a couple of boys with more of a hankering for beers than for books.

At SweetWater we like to say we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time. It’s not just something that we say though, it’s how we live.

If you’re up for a good time, come check us out at our brewery in Atlanta, every spring at our raging 420 festival, or wherever the fishing is good in your neck of the woods.

Remember, don’t float the mainstream as we all find our path in life, and drink ’em if you got ’em.

The Taproom

Swing by our taproom in the heart of Atlanta to drink the freshest beer straight from the source and enjoy lip-smackin’ bites. We sling 24 heady brews, many of which you won’t find anywhere else, plus a wide menu to satisfy any craving. Hop on a tour (closed toe shoes required) for $8 and you’ll get 15 oz of samples along the way. To go beer is available in bottles, cans, crowlers, and growlers.

Our taproom offers 24 heady brews on tap plus a full menu from the brewery kitchen. Swing through, grab a bite and a beer, and stay awhile. No tour ticket required, but if you’re booking online the same day deadline is 4 PM weekdays, 12 PM weekends. Tickets are always available for purchase at the brewery.

The Woodlands

Woodlands is home to our barrel aging program where our brewers create small batches of sour, funky or otherwise awesome beers. Located next door to the main production brewery at 195 Ottley in Atlanta, the Woodlands features six 88 hL foeders (wooden fermentation vessels) and hundreds of barrels filled with everything from blackberry sours to Belgian style ales aging in tequila barrels.

Reel Room

An upscale space overlooking the bottling line floor. See where the magic happens from this large upstairs space, or enjoy some fresh air on the outdoor balcony. The marble bar area features unique reclaimed wood stools and a beautiful wood backdrop to make any photo look like a million bucks.

SweetWater Brewing Company is an independent craft brewer.

Independent Brewery

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Inside the taproom at SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia

Inside the taproom at SweetWater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia

SweetWater Brewing Company

  • 195 Ottley Dr NE
  • Atlanta, GA 30324-3924
  • United States
  • (404) 691-2537

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