Delta Sunshine Brewing Company

Delta Sunshine Brewing Company is about great beer, enjoyed with wonderful friends, in an environment that makes you feel happy, relaxed, and satisfied. The Delta is that place for us. Whether it’s with the sun setting as you rest on the front porch after a long day or as the sun is rising after a full night of rocking blues in the Juke Joints. Delta Sunshine means great beer, great friends, and great times.

We are “Born in the Delta. Blessed by the Blues.” Delta Sunshine is about making great beer that everyone can enjoy. To that end we use only the highest quality ingredients sourced primarily in the Delta where we are from and our hearts belong. Attention to every detail in the process and only using the best we can find, we believe, leads us to a beer we can all be proud to serve.

Music is a reflection of life. The nooks and crannies where it’s really lived. Happy, sad, funny, defending a purpose, loss, wins are all represented in music. For us, The Blues is woven into the fabric of who we are. It blankets over all emotions and provides a feeling of security and comfort we all search for in our music. The Blues is The Delta.

The core of our being, Born in the Delta, Blessed by the Blues is who we are. Ringing guitars behind lyrics that pull at the fabric of societies best and most interesting qualities. Music that makes you feel. Music that makes you think. Music that makes you dance. Family. Life long friendship. New friendship. The virtues of a long day’s work. Sitting on a river bank watching the sun rise, or set for that matter. Hearing a familiar song you haven’t heard in a while. Seeing a place you have missed. Sharing a beer in all these situations. That’s Delta Sunshine.

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Delta Sunshine Brewing Company

  • Memphis, TN 38120-8859
  • United States
  • (901) 674-8330

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