ALT Brew

ALT Brew is a craft brewery and taproom in Madison, Wisconsin dedicated to making great craft beer that happens to be gluten-free. Self-distributed in the greater Madison and Milwaukee areas.

At ALT Brew, we have a very simple mission: to make gluten-free beer that tastes good. It is our belief that, despite what your body demands, quality beer should never be sacrificed.

ALT Brew is hand-crafted one barrel at a time in a nano brewery in Madison, Wisconsin. Made entirely of gluten-free ingredients on equipment solely dedicated to gluten-free production, ALT Brew is bringing beer quality and variety back to the gluten-free diet.

Brewmaster Trevor Easton was inspired to gluten-free brewing when his wife was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. Their once shared love of beer — and Trevor’s long interest in the brewing process — could no longer be enjoyed together in the same way. Gluten-free options available on the market did not hold up to the quality of craft beers, and it was no fun to raise a beer glass alone.

A trained engineer, Trevor sought a solution, developing a gluten-free recipe that lives up to craft beer lovers’ expectations. The result? A growing line of craft beers so good, you won’t know they are gluten-free.

Gluten-free people rejoice! Your beer is here!

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ALT Brew

  • 1808 Wright St
  • Madison, WI 53704-2522
  • United States
  • (608) 352-3373

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