Outside 63 North Lexington Avenue where DSSOLVR is located in Asheville, North Carolina

Outside 63 North Lexington Avenue where DSSOLVR is located in Asheville, North Carolina


DSSOLVR is more than just another secret society — DSSOLVR is an experimentation-driven clearing house for surrealist beverage concepts and design aesthetics standing in opposition to the boring beverage conspiracy.

Conceived by Vince Tursi and Mike Semenec to embody the nexus of art and fermentation, DSSOLVR represents the apotheosis of craft beverages as an expression of creative intent. With a portfolio including the broadest possible spectrum of handcrafted potables, DSSOLVR is an entirely unique concept that seamlessly blends science, story, and psychedelia into a cohesive whole utterly unlike anything that has ever existed.

While we’re the most passionate about beer, the root of our curiosity lies in fermentation itself. To feed that thirst, we’ve been working with local and regional artisans of the non-beer kind, and are very excited about this side-venture we’ll be taking to Downtown Asheville. While our main focus is definitely beer, we’ll also be trying our hands at a whole smattering of Wine, Cider, and Mead, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

We’ve got a 15 BBL Brewhouse and a 3 BBL Pilot Brewhouse, a dedicated Wild/Funky Barrel Cellar, and fermenters ranging from wine barrels up to 30 BBL stainless tanks.

In a conscious effort to make the most surreal beers we can, we’re committed to representing equal amounts of Old World and New World brewing methodology. That means Lagers, IPAs (clear AND hazy), Wild Ales, Big Ol’ Stouty Stouts, Super Sessions, Chippy Boiz, and everything in between. We have heavily invested in wood and barrels, utilizing proprietary yeast strains and unusual, locally-sourced ingredients.

With that said, we can’t wait to work with local farmers, artisans, and makers in an effort to expand our non-beer side of things. Come explore the other side of fermentation with us!

Expect the unexpected… and…well, I guess now it’s actually expected? Definitely don’t expect any more vowels, though. Did that joke land? Dammit.

For more information, visit the brewery website at dssolvr.com.

DSSOLVR is an independent craft brewer.

Independent Brewery

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Inside the taproom at DSSOLVR in Asheville, North Carolina

Inside the taproom at DSSOLVR in Asheville, North Carolina


  • 63 N Lexington Ave
  • Asheville, NC 28801
  • United States

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