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A Christmas Story About Beer

From Vikings to modern science, there’s a long legacy behind the myriad of beers and styles specially brewed for the winter Christmas season. Read More

Learning to Love the Lager

Craft breweries may prefer ales but its lager that dominate the global beer scene. This article examines the style and its worldwide proliferation. Read More

A Brief History of Belgian Beers

The wonderful Belgian brewing tradition includes a wide range of beer styles that are light and fruity, dark and malty, sour and funky. This article briefly examines their origin. Read More

A Brief History of Beer in Colonial America

A brief overview of the history of beer in Colonial America from the arrival of the Pilgrims through the Revolutionary War. Read More

The IBU Origin, Its Measurement And Perceived Taste

Want to know more about the IBU? Where did it originate? How is it measured? And what’s the difference between actual and perceived bitterness? Read More

A Brief History of Cannabis-Infused Beer

Changes in perception and state laws lit a fire in the beer industry to make cannabis-infused beers. Here’s a look at the relationship between hops and cannabis. Read More

National Beer Day and the Cullen–Harrison Act

On April 7, 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted allowing for the purchase and consumption of beer and the occasion is celebrated annually on National Beer Day. Read More

St. Patrick’s Day and Beer: A History of Holiday Drinking

How did St. Patrick’s Day, an occasion honoring the patron saint of Ireland, turn into one of the biggest drinking spectacles in America? Read More